This year marks the fifth edition of the Stella Musica Festival!

Celebrating its fifth year of existence, the Festival has achieved an important milestone. We are looking for partners willing to support the arts and sponsor our events in order to offset some of the costs or the Festival. Without the contribution of generous donors such as yourself, the Festival would not be able to continue its mission and vision, which is to promote the contribution of women in the field of music. We would like to sincerely than you.


To make a donation:

Cheques must be made to the order of: Liliana Komorowska Foundation For The Arts
Specifying: Festival Stella Musica

Cheques must be returned to:
12 ave St-Louis
Beaconsfield (QC)  H9W 4X5


Corporate Support

VIVACE | +$5000

ALLEGRO | +$2500

ANDANTE | +$1500

MODERATO | +$750

ADAGIO | +$375

Individual Giving


FORTE | +$2500

MEZZO FORTE | +$1500

PIANO | +$750

SOTTO VOCE | +$350

Thank you card